Private Pilot
Flight Training Syllabus

Stage 1 - Introduction, For the Love of Flight

  1. Introductory Flight
  2. Preflight Inspection and Basic Flight Maneuvers
  3. Taxiing and Ground Operations, Runups, Introduction to Weight and Balance
  4. Climbing and Descending Turns
  5. Introduction to Airspace, Basic VFR Weather Minimums, Radio Communications, Light Signals
  6. Flight Instruments and V Speeds
  7. Aerodynamics, Lift, Drag, and Flaps
  8. Slow Flight, Introduction to Stalls
  9. Introduction to Ground Reference Maneuvers, Rectangular Course
  10. Traffic Pattern and Normal Approach to Landing, Collision Avoidance

Stage 2 - Pre-Solo Maneuvers, Takeoffs and Landings

  1. Powerplant and Aircraft Systems
  2. Normal Takeoffs and Landings, Wake Turbulence Avoidance
  3. Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings, Windshear Avoidance
  4. Forward Slip to Landing
  5. Go-arounds, Procedure, Aerodynamic Considerations
  6. Introduction to Aviation Weather Services, Forecasts, Weather Briefings
  7. Stall Entry and Recovery, Power-On and Power-Off Stalls, Spin Awareness
  8. Emergency Procedures and Equipment Malfunction
  9. Approach to Landing with Simulated Engine Malfunction
  10. First Solo

Stage 3 - Expanding Maneuvers, Refining Takeoff and Landing Skills

  1. Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), Pilot Qualifications
  2. Steep Turns, Load Factor, and Accelerated Stalls
  3. Flying a Rectangular Course, Drift and Ground Track Control
  4. Turns Around a Point, Groundspeed and Bank Angle
  5. S-Turns Across a Road, Wind Correction Angle
  6. Soft-Field Takeoffs and Landings
  7. Short-Field Takeoffs and Landings, Maximum Performance Climbs

Stage 4 - Cross County and Night Operations

  1. Basic Instrument Maneuvers
  2. Recovery From Unusual Attitudes
  3. VFR Navigation - Pilotage and Dead Reckoning
  4. VFR Navigation - Navigation Systems and Radar Services
  5. VFR Navigation - Diversion and Lost Procedures
  6. Weight and Balance, Aircraft Performance and Limitations
  7. Cross Country Flight Planning, Weather
  8. Dual Cross Country Flight
  9. Certificates and Documents, Aircraft Maintenance, Airworthiness, and Minimum Equipment Lists
  10. Aeromedical Factors
  11. Night Flying
  12. Pre-Solo Cross Country Progress Check, Cross Country Flight Plan Review
  13. First Solo Cross Country
  14. Night Cross Country - Dual
  15. Second Solo Cross Country
  16. Emergencies and Instrument Review
  17. Long Solo Cross Country

Stage 5 - Earning Your Private Pilot Certificate

  1. Maneuvers Review (Dual)
  2. Maneuvers Practice (Solo)
  3. Oral Exam Preparation
  4. Pre-Checkride Instructor Review
  5. Private Pilot Checkride